Give €5. Get € 5.

Like our coffee? Then share it with your friends! Give your friends €5 off their next purchase. You get €5 off coupon code for every friend who makes a purchase.

Bas Burghoorn SIngle Estate

How it works

  • Send your friend an invitation link using the form below.
  • Your friend makes a purchase through the link and gets €5 discount.
  • You receive a coupon worth €5.

Questions on our referral program

I have a subscription, can I still use this referral program?
Yes you can! When you refer a friend and thy make a purchase, your reward will automatically be used during your next renewal order.

Can I send as many gifts as I want?
For sure. You can send out gifts to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, etc. As long as they make a purchase using your referral you will get rewarded €5 every time. EVERY TIME!

I am an influencer and would like to know more about the referral program to use as an affiliate program.
We love this! Drop us an email and we will tell you how to convert the rewards to cash €€€.

I referred a friend, he made the purchase but I did not receive anything.
Contact us to help you sort this out.

Do I need to have a signed in account to send a gift to a friend?
No you don’t, guest customers can also use the program. The system will send you a coupon code as a reward for your referral, for you to use on your next purchase.