A nice cup of coffee at your office every day?

Of course it is possible to drink super tasty coffee at the office! All you need is a good coffee machine and good, freshly roasted coffee beans.
Thanks to our intensive collaboration with Jura Nederland, we can provide the perfect support at every workplace – large and small. This makes delicious coffee accessible, simple and more affordable than you think.

Coffee at the office

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Costa Rica Coffee
Single Origin Coffee
Uganda Coffee

Doing business directly

Born from an idea on a coffee plantation in Brazil, we continue to grow and tell the stories we are told in Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica. We focus on working directly with coffee farmers and decide to do business directly.

Not only to better reward them, but also to have more insight and control over the coffee that we can buy from them. This Direct Trade model gives us the opportunity to make a small change in our part of the coffee market and build relationships that we are proud of.

Freshly roasted coffee beans

Roasting in style

The smell of fresh beans, always.

Single Estate Coffee Roasters is a small coffee roaster, specialized in roasting specialty coffee. You may know us from your local coffee bar. We have been supplying coffee to top catering companies, consumers and offices for over 10 years. By roasting fresh every week on a small scale, we can always guarantee the freshness of our coffee beans. And fresh means quality.

In our coffee roastery, all coffees are stored in raw, green form. Based on your needs, we roast the right amount of coffee beans fresh every week.

Receive up to €1000 in coffee beans as a gift!

Just coffee beans

You have a good fully automatic machine and only want advice about coffee beans.

Coffee beans + Jura WE8
Jura w8

Up to 10 users, all kinds of coffee drinks, very user friendly.

Coffee beans + Jura X3c Professional
Jura X3c Professional

10 – 30 users, fixed water connection, milk specialties.

Filter Coffee

Brewing that perfect cup

When the coffee leaves our roastery, it’s not quite finished yet. We are dependent of our customers to prepare our product the way we intended when we sourced and roasted it.

The barista is equally responsible as the person that picked it or the one that roasted it, for the final quality of the cup. This broadens our playing field even more and gives us another opportunity: to keep exploring the huge and wonderful world of coffee knowledge, technology and limitless enthusiasm of baristas. It’s our duty to follow through, down to the last sip.

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