Share our love for coffee

We love working together with people who want to put in as much energy in coffee as we do. Baristas who want to grow, improve and take themselves seriously. Many of our wholesale customers share our love for coffee and make concious choices to serve their guests the very best cup, and take them along in the wonderful world of coffee.

Do you own a coffeebar, lunchroom, restaurant or some other kind of hospitality company and would you like to have a chat to see if there is a match? Feel free to contact us.


We enjoy helping with improving the coffee quality in your company. Together, we select a coffee that fits your business and your guests. We import and roast only the most beautiful coffees we lay our hands on. Top quality coffees. We guarantee its freshness, and monitor the quality of the coffee you serve all year long.

Coffee Consulting

In the past 10 years, we have gained a lot of experience in building succesful coffeebars. We love brainstorming with you about operational workflow, the coffee menu, and how to transfer knowledge. We closely follow technical developments in the industry so we can advise ánd supply you with amazing equipment that will help you serve the best coffee.

coffee consulting by single estate coffee roasters


Our team of baristas (a.o. 2017 Aeropress Champion, 2019 Dutch Barista Champion) are ready to provide you with education to the level of your and your employees’ ambition, and to train you in making seriously good coffee.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our (SCA) training.