Weighing coffee? Do it!

A coffee scale is an indispensable tool for us to constantly make the tastiest coffees! Weighing coffee is one of the most important steps to always make the same delicious cup of coffee. We use scales that weigh to the decimal point so that we always use exactly the same weight.


In addition to good equipment and delicious coffee beans, a scale is a barista’s most important tool. When making coffee, whether that is espresso or filter coffee, we use a scale. The scales we use weigh to 1 decimal place, this way we can use exactly the same weight every time. Half a gram more or less coffee already does quite a lot with the taste of your cup of coffee. Give it a try!

We always weigh coffee, but it doesn’t stop there. We also use the scale when adding water to the coffee. When making espresso, we place the scale under the cup. In this way we weigh how much espresso falls into the cup and we can always brew exactly the same amount of espresso. With filter coffee, we put the filter method on the scale and weigh how many grams of water we add to the coffee. If we do this over and over again, the coffee will always taste the same. You can make filter coffee in different ways, for the most commonly used brewing methods we have made recipes, brew guides, to make the best coffee.

Weighing coffee thus ensures constant quality. By always doing the same thing, your cup of coffee will always taste the same. If you don’t use a scale, you use about the same weight of coffee and about the same weight of water. That also results in about the same cup of coffee, which can be tasty, but it can also be disappointing.

Weighing coffee? Do it!