World Aeropress Championship 2019 – London, baby!

Imagine you are barista, and you – like pretty much every barista- love your AeroPress. It’s made of plastic so it doesn’t break, it’s very afforable and mostly: it brews great coffee.

12 years ago, a bunch of coffee people decided to come together to have a beer and a little competition to see who brewed the best coffee with their AeroPress. Fast forward to 2019, where the World AeroPress Championship has grown into a huge international event with national champions from 60 countries competing with each other to brew the best cup of coffee with their AeroPress.

Last weekend I was there in Londen after winning the Dutch AeroPress Championship. And guess what: I managed to take home the golden trophee! And yes, there was beer before, during and afterwards, like you’d expect at an AeroPress competition.

But before we got to the trophee and the beer, I had to survive 4 rounds in which 59 other competitors had to be ‘taken out’ in heats of 8 minutes. You compete against 2 national champions in each heat, and 3 judges choose their preferred cup straight after. It’s fast, fun and nervewrecking!

Before the actual competition, all competitors got the opportunity to cup the provided competition coffee, which this year was a washed Pacas variety produced by Orlando Aguilar from El Salvador. It was roasted by the guys from Ozone Coffee Roasters in London. The beautiful and complex coffee promised me flavours of caramel, red apple and lemon. And the cool thing is: everybody has to use that same coffee!

After we tried a couple of variations in water (softer, harder mineralwater) at different brewtemperatures, and of course played with dose and brewtime, I came up with this recipe:

30 grams of coarsly ground coffee (I used my Kinu handgrinder), to which you add
100 grams of the softest water you can find (Spa Blauw is great!) at 92 degrees Celcius;
Start the timer immediately. After adding the water,
Stir vigurously with your AeroPress spoon for 20 times.
Put the cap on with a rinsed paper filter and push out the excess air.
At 0:40 seconds (gotta be fast!) flip the AeroPress on a pitcher and PRESS!
Dilute this strong brew with 120 grams of water of 92 degrees.
Cool the brew down by pouring it back and forth in a different pitcher.
Serve around 60 degrees.

And with that, party people, I became World Champion in the most quirky coffee competition out there. The first Dutchie to take a World Championship title in a coffee competition. And even better, I had so much fun doing it, ánd I met a bunch of great other coffee professionals who loved their AeroPress as much as I do. And beers too, apparently. But what happens in London…

Wendelien AeroPress Champion

^ Wendelien