Time for some cow cuddling!

Given the fact that at least 85% of the coffee drinks are consumed with milk it deserves serious consideration. Buying local is always preferred in our philosophy but quality and the interaction with coffee is of course the prime goal.

Trying out all the milk we could get our hands on showed a lot of differences between the potential milk candidates. Some of them gave the shiniest foam, others tasted luscious and creamy. But in all our blind tests an unhomogenized full fat milk from a farmer close to our roastery ticked all the boxes every single time. Looks like we found ourselves a winner.

Rich, mineral-rich grass fields

The farm is owned by Peter de Vette and together with his family he runs this multi-disciplinary business. Just walking around on the farm and looking at the healthy and happy cows you can already imagine how tasty that milk will be.

In the region called Midden-Delfland the cows are grazing outside on the old peat grasslands from spring till the end of fall. The rich soil forms the base for the herbal and mineral rich grasslands which are so important for the cows. It has been proven that cows feeding on these grounds need less concentrate and medicaments, all courtesy of mother nature.

Being unhomogenized means the fat particles are still floating around in the milk so giving the bottle a good shake before using is mandatory. It’s fat percentage of 4% and 3,8% protein make it the perfect companion for our coffees. Steamed to perfection by our barista’s it will shine and taste like a creamy explosion of dairy goodness while being the perfect carrier of flavor to make sure coffee is always the star of the show.

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