Basic recipe v60 #01

1. Weigh 18 grams of ground coffee.

2. Place your v60 on a pitcher or mug and place it on a scale.

3. Fold over the serrated edge of the filter, put the filter in the v60 and rinse the filter with hot water.

4. Discard the water and put the ground coffee in the v60. Tare your scale to “0”.

5. Start a timer while you start pouring.

6. Pour 30 grams of hot water on your coffee and wait 30 seconds. The CO2 can now escape from the coffee – we call this blooming.

7. After 30 seconds: pour water to 120 grams and wait until 1:00 minute.

8. At 1:00: pour to 180 grams of water.

9. At 1:30: pour to 250 grams of water. The more you pour in circles, the more you agitate the coffee grinds and the more extraction takes place. So pour carefully and controlled. If the grind of your coffee is good, your brew is done in roughly 2:30 minutes in total.

10. Enjoy your freshly brewed v60 coffee!

More tips & tricks? Feel free to ask our baristas!