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Our very first coffee capsules! Direct Trade and Single Origin Specialty Coffee as always, simplified to Nespresso® compatible cups.

Single origin, straight from the producer
Authentic flavours: a creamy coffee with hints of chocolate & hazelnut.
Hand-picked berries to ensure perfect ripeness and quality.
The perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button


Single Origin Nespresso Cups x 10 - Guatemala Puerta Verde
Nespresso cups
Nespresso cups
Nespresso cups
Nespresso® compatible cups


Country | Guatemala 

Region | Antigua

Producer| Finca Puerta Verde

Variety| Bourbon / Bourboncito

Process | Washed


Hand-picked for the best quality

The farm Puerta Verde is located in one of the most traditional coffee regions of Guatemala, Antigua, and is owned by the Zelaya family. The volcanos Agua and Fuego help sustain a micro climate with extremely fertile soils and an average temperature of 25 C. The Zelaya family owns their own wet-, and dry-mill so they have total control of the quality. This Bourbon is processed using the Washed method. With this method, which is commonly used in Guatemala, the coffee is first picked by hand. Only by hand picking they can be sure to only harvest the perfect ripe coffee cherries.

Several implemented quality protocols make sure only the best cherries make it to the wet-mill. Here the cherries are put through a pulper that removes the skin and most of the mucilage. Then the coffee is moved into a basin to have a dry fermentation. This very delicate process is mastered by the Zelaya family. After fermentation the coffee is washed and then dried on raised beds in an unique greenhouse. In here the Zelaya’s have complete control on the drying process.

Single Origin Coffee
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