Kenya Ngwethe Peaberry Washed Espresso




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From the very same Ngwethe washing station comes this delicious peaberry. Being somewhat of a twist of nature these little ones often pack a bunch of flavor. Usually coffee beans grow in pairs inside a cherry. Due to a genetic mutation sometimes there is only one bean inside the cherry. This lucky bean gets to have all the nutrition, no sharing! They grow in a more round shape, hence the name PEAberry, and since you can’t see the difference on the outside of the cherry they are sorted out manually. In the early years they were removed for being a defect, but now they are often separated and cupped to see what they hold. A very small percentage of the total crop grows as a peaberry, it is estimated to be <10% and varies also from
origin to origin.
In our tastings we fell for the dominant dark fruits. Think lots of blackberry, a silky mouthfeel and dark cane sugar sweetness. Delicious as espresso and definitely a powerhouse in combination with milk.


Country | Kenya

Region | Marung’a County

Washing Station | Ngwethe

Variety| SL34/Ruirui11

Process | Washed

Finca Los Pirineos