Guatemala Maya Alternativa







The COMAL cooperative, short for Comercializadora Maya Alternativa, operates in various communities around the municipality of San Pedro Necta. Spread over 7 areas, COMAL services 88 producers. 22 of them, the producers for this lot, have organic certification. The farms lie at different altitudes, starting at 1400 meters above sea level and going up to 1900 m.a.s.l. The area has a sandy loam soil.

Each producer processes and dries its own coffee on a small patio. They all have their own small depulper, fermentation tank, and washing system. COMAL organizes the collection of the dried parchment from its members and delivers it at the FECCEG dry mill in Quetzaltenango. Here, the quality team analysis the coffee quality of each lot. Depending on the quality, it will be kept separate as a microlot or blended with other coffees from the same producer organization and quality group.

Their team of agronomists helps the producers improve productivity while reducing the environmental impact. They teach Good Agricultural Practices and give technical support on postharvest practices. They help the producers to prepare the next coffee season in between harvests.
This coffee is a washed coffee. In this process, which is widely used in Guatemala, the coffee is first handpicked. Only by picking by hand the ripe coffee cherries can be harvested with extreme precision. After this, the coffee cherries go through a pulper where skin and flesh are removed. The coffee then goes into a basin for the dry fermentation. After fermentation, the coffee is washed and dried on the patios and further processed for shipment to our roastery.


Country | Guatemala

Region | Huehuetenango

Producer | COMAL

Variety | Bourbon, Catuai, Pacas

Process | Washed

Brew Guide

A recipe for the perfect espresso depends on a lot of parameters: machine, grinder, water, filter basket, coffee beans etc. In our bar in the Hague we take the following recipe as a starting point:

19 grams of coffee for an output (yield) of 45 grams of espresso (double espresso). The brewing temperature is 92,5 degrees °C and we brew our espresso’s with 6 bar instead of the regular 9 bar, just because we discovered that we like our espresso better this way. We aim for 25 seconds extraction time.