Espresso Box

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This box contains 3 x 200 gr of our favourite espresso coffees of this moment:

  • El Salvador Los Pirineos Natural
  • Kenya Ngwethe Peaberry
  • Costa Rica Anfiteatro Reposado

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Brew Guide

A recipe for the perfect espresso depends on a lot of parameters: machine, grinder, water, filter basket, coffee beans etc. In our bar in the Hague we take the following recipe as a starting point:

19 grams of coffee for an output (yield) of 45 grams of espresso (double espresso). The brewing temperature is 92,5 degrees °C and we brew our espresso’s with 6 bar instead of the regular 9 bar, just because we discovered that we like our espresso better this way. We aim for 25 seconds extraction time.