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Los Pirineos was one of the last farms we visited on our annual Central America trip. Located on the slopes of the Tecapa volcano in Usulutan it is one of the first farms that was build towards the growing and processing of
high quality micro lots. This was all done and achieved by our dear friend Gilberto Baraona who sadly passed away due to covid in June 2020. He was one of the most renowned producers in El Salvador having won 17 (!) Cup of Excellence awards. Today, his children Fabiola and Diego have taken over the farms and continue to work his legacy.

Besides a nursery the farm also holds a varietal garden where old and almost forgotten varieties are cultivated amongst other well performing varieties from all over the world. The processing and drying stations are state of the art and the continuous improvements are driven by a never ending curiosity to improve quality. The views from the top of the farm are truly amazing and it’s geographical location provide optimal conditions for drying coffee.

Thank you Gilberto.


Country | El Salvador

Region | Usulutan

Farm | Los Pirineos

Variety| Orange Pacamara

Process | Red Honey

Finca Los Pirineos