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The Urena family has been running this coffee estate since the 40’s. At this moment, Ricardo is running the company, together with his father Regulo and his younger brother Esteban. Pickers sort the fresh coffee cherry by hand before handing them over to the wet mill where the cherry is processed imediately. All of the Urena’s coffees are processed without the use of water. By only removing the cherry skins with the use of a Penagos pulper, most of the muscilage is still on the bean during the drying process.

After the cherry has been depulped, it is placed on raised beds in thick layers to dry. These beans, still in their parchment, are moved several times a day on a regular schedule to ensure even drying. This results in uniformity in humidity, consitency in the cup profile, and the best conditions for the 12-18 days drying period. Once the coffee has reached its ideal humidity level, it’s still extremely sticky and has a dark purple, shiny colour. The coffee in parchment is stored in grain-pro bags, to rest and absorb even more flavour from the dried muscilage, for 1 to 2 months, before being sent to th dry mill for milling and export.


Country | Costa Rica

Region | Brunca

Producer | Ricardo Ureña – Finca La Guaca

Variety| Catuai

Process | Black Honey

Costa Rica La Guaca - Regulo Urena