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Located in a sub region of Tarrazu called San Pablo de Leon Cortez, Tito’s farm is situated near the Pirri’s river that provides a consistent cool breeze. That, combined with an elevation of 1500 mtrs above sea level gives perfect conditions for growing strictly hard bean coffee. He finds that intercropping his coffee with a lot of avocado and other fruit trees provides not only shade, but also helps with maintaining the organic composition of his soil.

Tito is renowned for the “reposado” step during his processing. After the cherries are carefully picked, he leaves the coffee in the receiving
tank for 24-36 hours under a controlled environment. Then, he pulps the rested cherries and has the mechanical demucilager leave approximately 70% of the mucilage on the seed. Drying is done on raised beds in approximately 15 days.


Country | Costa Rica

Region | Tarrazu

Producer | Tito Monge

Variety| Catuai

Process | Reposado

Tito Monge