Costa Rica La Bendita Espresso




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This coffee also comes from the hands of Tito Monge from who we bought several lots this year. La Bendita is his biggest plantation and being in the family for a long time this farm is quite old. The last 3 years he has been going through a renovation program, replanting the old trees with a variety called Catuai SH3, which carries the gene SH3 that is a leaf rust resistant variety created in Brazil.

Tito has been doing natural process for 3 or 4 years now. From the moment he started up his wet-mill he always selected pickings with the best maturation to be processed as natural. The cherries are put through a floating system before being moved to raised drying beds for 22-28 days. About 25% of Tito’s production is processed naturally and we chose this super clean and sweet tasting lot.


Country | Costa Rica

Region | Tarrazu

Farm | La Bendita

Variety| Catuai SH3

Process | Natural