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The green hills of the Campo das Vertentes region provide the perfect conditions to grow coffee. They form a natural border between
two important delta’s in Brazil: The Grande River delta (heading south) and the São Francisco River delta (heading North-East).
Henrique Cambraia is the 4th generation running this farm and one of our longest direct trade relations.

After picking, the cherries are placed in cleaned gallons and anaerobically fermented for a period of 4 days. This fermentation is a process that is
done without oxygen. During this period the mass temperature, degrees brix and PH were measured every day.

Once the fermentation process is finished, the cherries are placed on African beds in a layer of approximately 12 cm high. They are not moved
for the next two days, in the third day the lot starts to be revolved every day for thirteen days. After this step the lots are moved to the concrete
patio where the drying process happens until the lot reaches a moisture of 11,5%.


Country | Brazil

Region | Campo das Vertentes

Producer | Fazenda Samambaia

Variety| Catucai

Process | Anaerobic