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The cool, green hills of the Sul de Minas region have the perfect conditions to grow amazing coffee, so it’s no wonder some of Brazil’s best specialty coffees are from this region. Locally, the region is known as ‘Vertentes’ and it forms a natural border between two important delta’s in Brazil: The Grande River delta (heading south) and the São Francisco River delta (heading North-East).

Henrique Dias Cambraia, owner and manager of the Fazenda Campo Alegre, is the fourth generation running this farm. Together with his brother and sister he has been running the business since 1993. The estate house, built in 1825, has had a complete renovation in 2006. Henrique claims the success of the estate is due to a combination of factors: the altitude of a whopping 1200 metres above sea level, a stable climate with an daily average of 21 degrees, technically skilled management of the estate and the farm and the continuous training of the staff, based on their own quality control program.

In the area surrounding Santo Antônio do Amparo the farm produces different Arabica varieties, among which is this Catucai, a hybrid between Icatu and Catuai. This variety exists in a red and a yellow version and is very resistant against Roya disease. The single origin lots are carefully kept separated to ensure good traceability. After picking, the ripe yellow cherry is sundried on patio’s. After drying, the beans are removed from the dry cherry skins and processed. This method, called natural process, gives the coffee a sweet and fruity character.


Country | Brazil

Region | Sul de Minas (Minas Gerais)

Producer | Fazenda Campo Alegre

Variety | Yellow Catucai

Process | Natural

Brew Guide

A recipe for the perfect espresso depends on a lot of parameters: machine, grinder, water, filter basket, coffee beans etc. In our bar in the Hague we take the following recipe as a starting point:

19 grams of coffee for an output (yield) of 45 grams of espresso (double espresso). The brewing temperature is 92,5 degrees °C and we brew our espresso’s with 7 bar instead of the regular 9 bar, just because we discovered that we like our espresso better this way. We aim for 25 seconds extraction time.