In this Privacy Statement we inform you about how your personal data is handled on the Single Estate Coffee website.

Third party information

Certain references on this website lead to sources of information maintained by third parties over which Single Estate Coffee has no control. This Privacy Statement therefore does not relate to references to information sources of third parties.

Actively provided information

At various places on this website you may be asked to provide personal information, such as name and address, for a specific purpose, such as requesting information or leaving a message. It is always stated for what purpose this data will be used. Your data will not be provided to third parties without your permission.

Passively provided information

When you surf the internet, you may be allowing internet page operators to collect certain information about you, perhaps without you being aware of it. Examples include the ‘IP number’ of your computer and the operating system and internet browser you use. Insofar as Single Estate Coffee uses such data, it is processed anonymously and aggregated.


With the help of cookies, Single Estate Coffee ensures, among other things, that you do not repeatedly receive or have to enter the same information when you visit our site. We make surfing our website easier for you. In addition, we can remember the contents of your shopping cart for you. Thanks to cookies, we can also see how the website is used and where we can improve it.

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