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How do I store coffee?

Coffee is best when it is fresh. For us this means for espresso coffees; about 1 week after roasting to 6 weeks after roasting date, for filter coffee immediately after roasting to about 4 weeks after roasting. You can find the roast date on the packaging. When coffee ages it will loose most of it’s flavors, but is still consumable. Store the coffee preferably in a dark place in a sealed container.

Which coffee should I use for which machine?

Most coffee beans that we supply are suitable for espresso brewing methods. When we roast a coffee specifically for filter coffee, we will mention it at the product description.

Do you sell ground coffee?

All our coffees are shipped as whole beans. Ground coffee ages faster and therefore looses flavor. In addition, the desired grind sizealways depends on your brewing method or espresso machine. Quickly boost your coffee quality: order a coffee grinder.

How sustainable is Single Estate Coffee Roasters?

We buy over 80% of our coffee directly at the coffee producer. We call this Direct Trade. For us this is the most honest way of doing business. Not only do we pay directly to the producer in this way, but we immediately see what kind of producer we are dealing with. In addition, it offers us an enormous number of opportunities to develop and choose the best coffees together with the coffee producer. Many of our coffee producers are also certified by UTZ, Rainforest Alliance or carry a BIO certification. You can find more about the way we work here.

What is the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee?

Arabica and robusta coffee are 2 different varieties of the coffee plant. Arabica coffees are generally more delicate and tastier, while the robust robusta often has more dark, earthy flavors. For taste reasons, we therefore often choose Arabica coffees.

How do I buy coffee for my restaurant?

Do you own a coffee bar, lunchroom, restaurant or other type of catering company and do you want to talk to us to see if we have a match? Please contact us.

How do I buy coffee for the office?

Of course it’s possible to drink super tasty coffee at the office! All you need is a good coffee machine and good, freshly roasted coffee beans. Please contact us for this.

What is the best way to brew your coffee?

We have written out some of our brew methods for you so that you can brew just as delicious coffee at home as in the flagship bar!

What are the shipment costs?

Free shipping for all orders in The Netherlands with an order value over € 25,00. For smaller orders we charge €,5,00  shipping costs.

Free shipping to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, United Kingdom and Sweden, for all orders with an order value over € 75.00. For smaller orders a shipping rate of € 15.00 applies.

Your shipping costs are always stated in the order overview in your shopping cart and at checkout.

What is the delivery time?

We send all coffees fresh. This means from 1 day up to max 14 days after roast date. Orders placed on workdays are delivered 2 days later. Orders placed during the weekend are delivered on Tuesday. When ordering you can choose between for delivery during the day or in the evening.

All our orders are delivered by DHL.

Can I cancel or change my order?

It is not always possible to cancel or change your order, but in some cases it is possible. Please contact us by phone: +31 (0)174 535303.

Can I send my shipment back?

If there is something wrong with the delivered product, please contact us to discuss a solution. This can be done via the contact form on our site, on telephone number +31174 535303 or by e-mail via verkoop@singleestatecoffee.nl.

Can I pick up my order?

It is not possible to pick up your order. You can buy almost all coffees and Nespresso® cups in 250g packaging from our webshop in our flagship bar in The Hague.

How can I pay?

On our website you can order and pay directly online. For processing the payments, we use the services of the certified payment provider Multisafepay. This allows you to pay securely with iDeal, MisterCash, PayPal and various credit cards. Payments take place in a secure environment on MultiSafepay’s servers.

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