We are happy to announce that our new roaster has arrived: the Loring Falcon S15! Since the founding of Single Estate we have always been focused on quality and looking for new ways to improve our roasts. The Loring uses hot air instead of conductive heating, so the beans develop in a different way compared to a regular drum roaster. We have roasted the first batches and already the coffee is tasting super clean, bright and with a great flavor clarity.

Besides advantages for flavor, the Loring also has a smaller impact on the environment. It uses minimal gas and has low emission. We are excited to start experimenting with the possibilities of our new roaster and share this with our customers. You can already taste the results at some of our wholesale clients and from October you can test it for yourself in our new bar at the Piet Heinstraat in the Hague. We are looking forward to see you there and talk about roasting over a cup of coffee.