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Flexible Coffee Subscription

From: € 16/ month

Do you want to receive fresh coffee beans every month? Choose your desired amount of coffee and roast style and we will send you our best seasonal coffee, freshly roasted. You can expect special processing, varieties and exclusive microlots.

Pause, stop or adjust your subscription whenever you want. You get extensive information about your coffee and pay monthly.

After signing up we directly start packing your first shipment, and will do so the same day every month. You pay automatically by direct debit.


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For the love of coffee

We share the beautiful stories of passionate coffee farmers from Central and South America and countries such as Rwanda and Ethiopia. We continue the work of these coffee farmers in the roastery. By roasting light, the coffee retains its unique flavors and terroir. Our quality control and the feedback from our baristas is very important. The roasting profiles are adjusted and great coffees are created, full of characteristics and flavours, each with a unique story.

Tips and tricks

On our blog and our instagram and facebook account, we share tips and recipes to improve your home barista skills!

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