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The V60 brews a tasty “clean” coffee. This is a recipe for one cup and can be brewed with the 01 and 02 size brewer.

16 grams of coffee (filter grind)
250 grams of water (filtered and 95 degrees celsius)

Rinse the filter with a good amount of hot water.
– Start your timer and gently pour 30 grams of water in about 15 seconds
– When the timer hits 30 seconds, pour gently in circles until you reach 120 grams
– At 1:00, pour again until you reach 180 grams
– At 1:30, pour until you reach 250 grams

The total brewtime should be in between 2:30 to 3:00 minutes.



The thick paper filter of a Chemex filters out a lot of the oils found in coffee. This creates a “clean” brew that emphasizes the acidity. Because of the thickness of the paper filter, you will need a coarse grind.

30 grams of coffee (coarse grind)
500 grams of water (filtered and 95 degrees °C)

Rinse the filter with a good amount of water.
Start your timer and gently pour 60 grams of water.
When the timer hits 30 seconds, gently pour water in circles until you reach 300 grams.
Keep filling up when the water level in the filter drops until you reach 500 grams.

The total brewing time should be in between 3:00 to 4:00 minutes.


Moka Pot or Percolator

A perculator brews a very intense coffee with a texture close to the texture of an espresso. There are some challenges: because of the long contact with a heatsource you can quickly over extract the coffee and create a bitter flavour. Try a light roast and grind it a bit coarser to prevent over extraction. You can also use boiled water instead of cold water to reduce the contact time with the heat source.


 Fill the coffee filter reservoir.
Fill the water reservoir until the valve.
Place the percolator on a heat source and wait until the coffee rises to the upper reservoir.



The AeroPress is one of our favourite brew methods because you can experiment with it infinitely. It creates an intense filter coffee relatively fast.

19 grams of coffee (coarse grind)
240 grams of water (filtered and 90 degrees °C)

 Rinse the filter with a good amount of hot water.
Start your timer and gently pour 240 grams of water in circles in about 20 seconds.
Stir 4 times with the aeropress-stirrer.
Place the plunger in the aeropress, tilt it and pull it back so it creates a vacuum and stops the coffee from running through the filter.
When the timer hits 1:00 gently press the aeropress down and stop before you hear a “sisssss” sound.

If you are in a geeky mood and like to take things further you could try the recipe that our colleague Wendelien used to win the 2019 Aeropress World Championship:

Use the aeropress the “inverted” way
Use 30 grams of coarsely ground coffee and add:
 100 grams of the best filtered water you can get your hands on at 92 degrees °C
 Gebruik voor deze methode je aeropress “inverted”
 Start the timer immediately after you add the water
Stir vigorously 20 times with the AeroPress-stirrer
Place the filter cap with a rinsed paper filter om the inverted aeropress and push out the excess air
At 40 seconds (be fast) turn the AeroPress around, place it on a server and press.
Dilute the brew by adding 120 grams of water of 92 degrees °C
Cool down the brew by pouring it from server to serve.
 Serve at 60 degrees °C



A recipe for the perfect espresso depends on a lot of parameters: machine, grinder, water, filter basket, coffee beans etc. In our bar in the Hague we take the following recipe as a starting point:

19 grams of coffee for an output (yield) of 45 grams of espresso (double espresso). The brewing temperature is 92,5 degrees °C and we brew our espresso’s with 6 bar instead of the regular 9 bar, just because we discovered that we like our espresso better this way. We aim for 25 seconds extraction time.

We are using a Modbar to pull the shots with, Mythos and Mahlkonig EK43 to grind our coffee and 17 grams La Marzocco filter baskets.

To brew espresso at home you need to invest a lot. A quality espresso machine and grinder are essential. It takes patience and time to find the perfect recipe for your coffee. If you like espresso but you do not want to go this far, take a look at the more automatic “Sage” espresso machines we offer on our website.


Dripfilter machine

The challenge of most automatic drip machines are the high temperature and uneven water distribution. Use filtered water and let your coffee cool down before you taste it to enjoy the specific origin flavours of the coffee.

30 grams of coffee (coarse grind)
500 grams of water (filtered)

Place the ground coffee in the filter.
Put the water in the waterreservoir.
Start the machine.
After one minute, stir the coffee slurry to make sure that all the ground coffee contacts the water.