Are you enthusiastic about coffee? Always wanted to make coffee with an espresso machine? During the barista course in our training room above the coffeeshop in The Hague (Zuid-Holland), you will get theory about coffee, but you will be mainly standing behind the espresso machine. In the theory part you will learn about the origin of coffee and what you should pay attention to to make a good espresso. Then you will make the perfect espresso and froth milk yourself.

We work with professional equipment during the barista course. The espresso machines that are used in the catering industry are intended for speed and stability, but with an espresso machine for home use, you can also make delicious espresso and froth propper milk. The steam wand is slightly less powerful than a catering espresso machine, but this gives you more time when frothing the milk, so more control, to let air enter the milk. If you have your own espresso machine, you can bring it to our barista course. You get to know your machine better right away.

At the end of the barista course we will also try to make latte art. By pouring with a special technique you can pour beautiful figures in your cappuccino, we call this latte art. We are going to try to make the heart, tulip and/or rosetta.

Barista course Zuid Holland