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Direct Trade

Ever since the foundation of Single Estate in 2009, we buy our coffee directly as much as possible. At the moment, 89 percent of our coffee is direct-trade. Direct-trade is not a certificate and is interpreted differently by many buyers. For us direct-trade means:

  • We visit the producer at least once a year, so we know them personally.
  • The coffee is purchased directly from and paid to the producers.

Honest prices

Because we purchase high-quality coffee, the prices we pay are higher than the average world market price. We will never pay less than 1.5 times the world market price and the difference is usually much bigger.

Many farmers in producing countries are paid the world market price, but still live at or even below the subsistence level and damage the environment with their production, because they simply cannot invest in improvements. By paying more than the world market price, we contribute to education or production improvement, for example, so that farmers can run a healthier plantation and receive a living income. Moreover, we can buy the very best quality and we invest together in a sustainable future.

of our coffee is Direct Trade
Average price compared to C price
Price compared to Fair Trade price
Our most expensive coffee ever

Intensive collaborations

Our longest collaboration is with the producers of San Coffee in Brazil. We bought the first coffee there 6 years ago and every year we are surprised by the beautiful coffee they produce. Since this year, San Coffee is officially B-Corporation. Companies that belong to this not only think about profit, but also about the impact they have on their employees, society and the climate.

Costa Rica Coffee
Coffee berries hand picked
Costa Rica Coffee

Tito Monge

We have been buying coffee directly from Tito Monge for over four years now. Not only is the coffee of high quality, he is also making great progress in the field of sustainability.

When Tito came up with the idea of starting a micro mill, he knew that the way to maintain the plantation had to change in order to produce in harmony with the environment. That’s why he only uses products that match that idea and help him have a minimal impact on nature.

Freshly roasted coffee beans

Roasting in style

Smart roasting

A fair share of our coffee is roasted with a Loring. This roaster emits much less than classic “drum roasters”. Because warm air that comes out of the drum is re-used and is therefore recycled, there are hardly any emissions and the burner uses less energy and the impact on the environment is less big compared to other burners.

Single Estate Coffee Bar cups

Less waste, more recycling

The packaging of our beans is free of aluminum and fully recyclable. Our Nespresso® cups are made of plant material and fully compostable. We bring the organic residual material from the roastery to the Haagse Zwam, who grow delicious mushrooms in it! This way nothing is lost.

The on-the-go cups and lids in our flagship bar are made from plant-based materials and are completely biodegradable. Moreover, we work in the kitchen according to a zero-waste policy.

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