Single Estate is a modern specialty coffee roastery, with a focus on the best coffee possible.


We buy coffee directly from the producer and work together with the best barista’s to create a unique, honest product. In 2007 we first set foot on a coffee farm in Brazil, where we immediatly became obsessed with the infinate possibilities that coffee has. We were struck by the immense effort and love coffee producers all over the world have for their product.

Soon after, we knew we had to share their story, and translate it to the Dutch coffee market. Different varieties, processing methods and roasting profiles ultimately make up the character of the coffees we serve.

Direct Trade

Born from an idea on a Brazilian coffee farm, we continue to grow and share the stories we see and hear in Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica. We put focus on a direct, transparent coorporation with producers, and do business directly with them.

Not just for the fairer payment we can make this way, but also to gain more insight in and influence over the quality of the coffee we buy. This Direct Trade model gives us the opportunity to make changes in our part of the coffee market, no matter how small. We build relationships we are proud of.

Roasting in style

At our roastery, we continue the work the coffee producer started. By roasting it lightly, the coffee keeps its unique flavours and terroir. All of our green coffee is packed in either vacuum or grain-pro bags and stored in our fully climatised warehouse.

Trusting on our quality control as well as on the feedback from our baristas, we adapt roasting profiles continuesly. Sharing knowledge about all aspects of coffee in all directions, improves the sustainability and transparency of our Direct Trade relations.

koffiebranderij single estate coffee roasters

Brewing that perfect cup

When the coffee leaves our roastery, it’s not quite finished yet. We are dependent of our customers to prepare our product the way we intended when we sourced and roasted it. The barista is equally responsible as the person that picked it or the one that roasted it, for the final quality of the cup. This broadens our playing field even more and gives us another opportunity: to keep exploring the huge and wonderful world of coffee knowledge, technology and limitless enthusiasm of baristas. It’s our duty to follow through, down to the last sip.