Direct trade with passionate coffee farmers


We share the beautiful stories of passionate coffee farmers from Central and South America and countries such as Rwanda and Ethiopia. We put focus on a direct, transparent coorporation with producers, and do business directly with them.

Unique flavors and terroir because of light roasting


We continue the work of these coffee farmers in the roastery. By roasting light, the coffee retains its unique flavors and terroir. All of our green coffee is packed in either vacuum or grain-pro bags and stored in our fully climatised warehouse.

Using feedback and knowledge to brew that perfect cup


When the coffee leaves our roastery, it’s not quite finished yet. The barista is equally responsible as the person that picked it or the one that roasted it, for the final quality of the cup. The roasting profiles are adjusted and great coffees are created.

Fresh and fast delivery for your business or at home


We have fast and free shipping available from €35.- and offer evening deliveries.

For the love of coffee

Single Estate is a modern specialty coffee roastery, with a focus on the best coffee possible. We buy coffee directly from the producer and work together with the best barista’s to create a unique, honest product.

Our Story

Serve our coffee in your company?

We really like to work together with like minded coffee brewers.
Do you own a coffeebar, lunchroom, restaurant or some other kind of hospitality company and would you like to have a chat to see if there is a match? Feel free to contact us.

Edwin & Luz Peru


Land | Peru

Regio | Valle Pauran

Producent | Edwin & Luz

Variëteit | Typica

Proces | Washed


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